What is Squirrel Ban?
A premium seed blend that has been treated with chillimega™

What is chillimega™?
It's a food quality blend of nutritional oils and chill extracts. It's packed with vitamins and omega goodness with hot chilli to deter the squirrels.

How does it work?
Squirrels, rats and mice have a receptor that tells them chilli is hot and to 'leave it alone!'... Birds do not have this receptor and therefore they eat it normally.

Is it Natural?
Totally natural! In the wild the heat of chilli protects it from animals that would normally eat it but its seeds are spread by the birds that are naturally immune to the heat. It's totally harmless to birds, squirrels and humans.

What's it suitable for?
It's ideal for all bird types and is best fed from any standard bird seed feeder.

What about the squirrels?
They will come and investigate the seed but will usually leave it alone as the scent will be enough to put them off after they have tried it once. As you continue to use Squirrel Ban food they will begin to visit less often. After about 4 weeks you will be squirrel free for a while so you can vary the food if you wish - but eventually the squirrels will return so you just go back to feeding Squirrel Ban food again.

Bird feeder hygiene:
The seed can last much longer so it is important to ensure that your feeder is regularly cleaned.