About Squirrel Ban

The reason why Squirrel Ban is the answer!?

First and foremost squirrel ban is a high-quality, highly nutritional mix of bird feed containing kibbled maize, red dari, wheat, black sunflower, small striped sunflower, white millet, chopped peanuts, red millet, naked oats and Cillimega™.

The bird feed lasts longer... much longer... In tests at sites regularly visited by squirrels it lasted up to 4 times longer than ordinary bird food.

Squirrel Ban fills a market niche for the many people that are driven mad by squirrels robbing the bird food and breaking the bird feeders. We all know there are squirrel proof bird feeders but we also know a lot of them do not work very well in either deterring the squirrels or attracting the birds. Now you can stop squirrels eating your bird food with this pest proof squirrel resistant bird feed.

Squirrel Ban was invented by Stephen Vincent of Garden Pride Marketing Limited who was made aware of the importance of the need for this product by his mother. Her garden backs onto the woods and is constantly raided by the squirrels. Last year we had the news story of the man given a criminal record after drowning a squirrel that kept attacking his bird feeders and it was at this point that Stephen was 'ordered' by his mother to find a better way. Stephen then trawled the market place for products and advice and discovered that there was nothing on the market in the UK that was indeed a squirrel proof food but the best advice from the RSPB was to sprinkle your bird food with cayenne pepper. This and other DIY methods were found to have very limited success.

A long and arduous search of the internet revealed that in America they have tried and even patented mixing chilli with bird food but it had not been a great commercial success. Stephen tried to replicate the process and soon discovered the problems that meant this product was difficult and expensive to produce.

Stephen, a trained engineer with his mothers words ringing in his ear "that there must be a better way", set about finding one. Indeed a better way was found and has now been patented and will be launched at Glee 2011 - a large nationwide trade show for the garden centres.

Better luck next time bird lovers! Mission Impossible rodents make short work of breaking into 'squirrel proof' feeder By Daily Mail Reporter

This is supposed to be a 'squirrel proof' bird feeder, but it didn't out-smart one particularly crafty critter when he turned up in a British garden.
The feeder had flummoxed his friends but this clever creature was determined not to be beaten.
After some careful negotiation of the extraordinary-looking feeder in front of him, the squirrel cracked it by squeezing his fat body through the protective wiring.
Ms Carter said: 'This particular squirrel is very greedy and very clever.
'He comes into the garden a dozen times a day to eat from the bird feeders.
'The poor birds hardly get a look in - they just sit in the surrounding trees waiting for him to finish.
'We've tried so many things to stop him - we tried making our own 'squirrel proof' feeders but he always work them out.
'Once we tried hanging bird feeders on wires out of his reach but he managed to get to them by tight-rope walking.
'When we saw a "squirrel proof" feeder on sale we thought it was the answer to all our problems.
'My husband has since tried to put more wire on the outside of both feeders to make the holes smaller but it hasn't worked.
'When Ms Carter wrote to Gardman to inform them of what had happened she was refunded the cost of both feeders.
She said: 'I wrote to them and said it was perhaps time to go back to the drawing board with the design and they gave me my money back.
'My husband and I have now given up trying to outwit the squirrel.
'It is very frustrating but you can't deny he's a clever little animal and I admire his tenacity